handmade chopsticks kit
handmade chopsticks kit
handmade chopsticks kit
handmade chopsticks kit
handmade chopsticks kit

handmade chopsticks kit


This kit allows you to make your own chopsticks by carving, carving, and sharpening domestic natural wood (cypress). Design is limitless!

Kit contents
1. Chopsticks wooden base (cypress) × 5 pairs

2. Sandpaper for air sharpening #240 x 5 sheets

3. Sandpaper for air sharpening #400×5 sheets

4. Sandpaper for polishing (white) x 5 sheets

5. Beeswax (for polishing) x 1 piece

6. How-to guide

7. Bandage
Notes *Please read before purchasing*

◎Knives such as carving knives are not included.
◎When using a knife, be careful not to injure yourself.
◎ Due to the use of natural materials, the color of the wood may vary depending on the product. Please enjoy it as a natural texture.
◎Since it is unpainted, when using it as chopsticks, please avoid soaking and drying. It may cause cracks and warping.
Tips "Length and shape can be freely arranged!"
Cut the chopstick wood to your desired length and process it into your desired shape with a small knife or carving knife. You can freely arrange it by digging a groove to add a pattern, or adding a hollow to make it more comfortable to hold.

"Look forward to your time at home!"
The Japanese cypress used for chopstick wood is soft and easy to process. If you make it as a parent and child with your child, the time at home will be exciting!

If you're afraid to use a knife, you can make chopsticks that are simple and nice to the touch just by rubbing them with sandpaper.
Care instructions Beeswax for finishing comes off every time you use chopsticks. If you feel that the surface of the chopsticks has become dry, apply beeswax again.
It is also recommended to apply a drying oil such as perilla oil.
A coating film is formed on the surface to improve water resistance.
Dishwasher safe ×
postage classification Letter pack plus (up to 1 box), Sagawa Express * Letter pack light cannot be sent because it exceeds the thickness limit. Thank you for your understanding.